Too little exercise, stress at work or at home, too many social obligations and too little rest. It tends to be the routine rather than the exception. Together with a food pattern that is rich in toxins, chances are that eventually this will lead to a lack of balance mentally as well as physically.

The Zest for life juicing treatment holiday is the ultimate remedy. One week of detoxing in a sunny place and you will return home feeling reborn. More fit, healthier, and most of all full of renewed energy. In short, a treat for yourself!

A tried and tested concept

For over 10 years we have been organising full-service detox holidays with a balanced mix of super-healthy food, exercise and rest. You stay in a small-scale retreat, far away from the masses, and surrounded by beautiful countryside. The detox consists of fruit and vegetable juices, herbal tea and various (sports) activities such as yoga, body & mind and day trips. Your body will be purified, among other things because it does not need to deal with the digestion of heavy meals. The purification reduces ailments and you will feel literally more comfortable in your own skin.

Jaike van TwuyverOUR CONCEPT