Symptoms of skin aging and subcutaneous fat (cellulite) cannot be prevented, not even by us. Zest for life can, however, counteract them. For example in case of sagging skin due to weight loss or changes of the skin as a consequence of a pregnancy.
A so-called LPG-treatment attacks these culprits and can – in combination with a healthier lifestyle – lead to weight loss and figure enhancement.

How does an LPG-treatment work?

An LPG-treatment, also known as endermology LPG, is an in-depth connective tissue treatment. A roller is used that lifts the skin, so to speak, and moves in various directions. The mechanical movements stimulate the circulation of the connective tissue and in doing so stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. During the treatment you wear special body wear. The LPG treatment method has proven to be effective, safe and suitable for both men and women.

Based on an initial interview we put together a personal treatment plan. To support your body we recommend combining this treatment with a lipomassage.

The price of an endermology LPG-treatment is € 55,-