Detoxing is simply to rid your body of toxic substances. A large part of our energy is used to digest food. The ‘after dinner dip’ is a well-known phenomenon and after a hearty lunch you often need a fierce espresso to get your edge back.

By cleansing your body, allowing yourself to rest sufficiently and by eating nutritious food, you will notice your energy levels rising. Ailments will decrease and the self-healing abilities of your body will increase.

Good food: raw food

Raw food is ‘living’ food, with plants being the main components. It is unprocessed and not heated above 42 degrees Celsius. Because further heating causes most enzymes and nutrients to decompose, reducing their potentially positive effect on your health significantly. By eating raw food you ingest an optimal amount of nutrients into your body.

Raw food consists of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains and nuts. Animal products are excluded. This appears to impose dozens of limitations, but this is not true at all. The possibilities are endless and always nutritious. Consuming food in its original form gives an unparalleled taste sensation. And equally important: it greatly contributes to an improved balance between your body and mind.