A lymphatic system that functions optimally ensures a healthy, energetic and usually slim body with an appropriate level of fat metabolism and sufficient detoxification. With our (western) lifestyle and breathing in too much polluted air the lymphatic vessels are less capable of processing all the toxic substances.

Lymphatic drainage: an effective therapy

Lymphatic drainage through electro-stimulation stimulates the lymphatic system. This is an effective therapy against ailments such as lethargy, low immunity, pain, fluid retention (oedema), migraine and cellulite.
Because of our years of experience we know how to identify blockages. This makes each treatment focussed and efficient. Lymphatic drainage is applied on your abdomen, backside, legs and arms and is completely safe for everyone.

Based on an initial interview and a first treatment, Zest for life will put together a personal treatment plan for you. This may be combined with a lipomassage.

The price of a lymphatic drainage treatment is € 45,-