Food wise, the detox treatment consists of detoxifying. That means fresh vegetable and fruit juices with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need. All the food and drinks contain plenty of anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. They protect your health and stimulate your natural immune system. During the whole week we also make sure there is always plenty of herbal tea and water to feed and flush your body and to dispose of toxins.

Basic programme

The treatment price for the detox week includes the following:

– initial and evaluation interview
– juicing treatment based on pure vegetable and fruit juices
– daily Kneipp applications and liver jug
– daily sports and exercise with professional instructors
– lymphatic drainage
– boat trip to the beach followed by a wonderful Hammam treatment
– visit to local mud and sulphur baths
– visit to local Turkish market

Effective exercise

The effect of the detox is amplified by sufficient exercise. Because exercise stimulates the detox process. That is why we offer a varied schedule of exercises during the whole week, which are of course led by professionals. Everything is entirely optional! The Zest for life exercise classes include:

– aerobics
– aquarobic
– body & mind
– interval training
– meditation
– yoga
– hiking (from light-intensive to intensive)

We also offer cycling (mountain bike) in the beautiful countryside and we have canoes at your disposal.

Additional treatments

You may book additional detox treatments and massages according to your own needs and wishes. We will be pleased to advise you on these additional treatments at the start of your detox week