Detoxifying (to detox) is an age-old tradition to cleanse body and mind. All too often nowadays we are no longer seen as a whole. We choose to cure the ailment itself, but not the underlying cause. By detoxifying, body and mind are unified once more. And that has a positive effect on our overall health.

This principle, together with your commitment, ensures that body and mind reinforce and improve each other. We achieve this by finding the right balance between food, exercise and taking good care of yourself.

The first and still the best

Zest for life was a pioneer in the field of detox holidays. For many years, we have been organising detox treatments at our beautiful location in the Turkish Sultaniye. With a balanced mix of exercise, relaxation and ultra-healthy food we make sure our guests return home feeling reborn.

Detox in Amsterdam

We used this successful concept as the basis for our Amsterdam branch. In the stylish health & beauty salon we offer a wide range of treatments and they all include an element of detoxification. The Raw Food Café is also located here. The varied menu offers many exclusively organic dishes. Pure tastes, pure delight.